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Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife by Beresnev Games
It’s a game for those who loves knives and thrill!
Flippy Knife Description
Flippy Knife - once popular among children game in which a firm hand and a good eye helped to throw a knife into the ground (or other soft surface). Sounds very simple, doesn't it? However, a knife correctly thrown into the ground caused a pleasant feeling of victory and success among the participants of the game and the children played this simple game again and again until the mother took the knife and handed out the slaps for dangerous games. In General, my mother is right — the knife is not really a toy and many children were cut with this dangerous tool. How to play with a knife, keeping all your fingers in place? Download Flippy Knife! In this game you will be able to throw a knife without danger to the and others health! The game has a lot of knives, each of which has its own realistic physical model and is included in the surface in a special way, and you can throw knives in several different modes — just throw over a stump, throw at moving targets, jump with a knife between two trees or throw a knife from one platform to another!

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Flippy Knife Features
More Information
  • Package Name: BeresnevGames.Knife
  • Latest Version:
  • Requirements: 4.1+
  • Category: Games / Action
  • Developer: Beresnev Games
  • Update Date: 6-01-2020, 17:50
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